The Muddy Boot


The Muddy Boot is a small run down dive bar in a brick building with peeling white paint crammed between two larger stone structures.  The neon sign outside has a large pink boot stepping in a puddle, some of the letters are out.  It's awning is cloth, the fabric faded and worn by time.

The interior is dark and dimly lit.   They have two pool tables and two pinball cabinets.  It only seats a few people with just a couple booths around the edges of the pool area.  It has neon beer signs on the walls and random photo's of Pearl in her youth and a few interesting patrons who have stopped in at the bar.  There are an assortment of tankards on shelves all the way around the top of the bar.   Behind the bar is a large painting of a classic galleon.

The Boot is owned and operated by Pearl Hancock.  Pearl is a middle aged woman with frizzy blond hair.  Pearl tends to wear large bangles on her wrists and perhaps a little too much makeup, she smells heavily of cigarettes.  Pearl's niece Alex runs the bar during the day as the main cook.  Alex is a young twenty something who never went to college and has brown long straight hair.


Pearl Hancock – Owner and bartender
Alex Hancock – Cook
Ed Keys – Waiter/Cook

Hours of Operation

9AM – 2AM (they stop serving at 1AM)


North of the Mystic river in the warehouse district
Near Wellington Station and the Mystic Yacht Club

People you might meet here

Street Racers
Warehouse Workers