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Sophia's Diary - Entry 1

Aka - Things we've burned

Ugh, things have been getting so crazy lately…  I noticed 'neck tats' scribbling something in his dirty old journal and won't be showed up, so I'll be sure to buy the most expensive looking leather bound journal at the convention once we get there.  But for now I'll just have to make due with my small notebook I keep for auctions and appraisals.  Actually, that all seems like a lifetime ago ever since my pact with Cinder starte PAPER IS FLAMMABLE!  BURN THE WRITING! d.  Father is quite upset with me on how almost everything I've touched lately has had some sort of 'incident' and another insurance call.  I'm sure he is glad to get me out of the state. <s>Though we did have another 'incident' with the RV but it was fixed… no one will know.</s>   THEY WONT REMEMBER

The town was…. quaint.  Miles and Dmitri were up to their usual antics but it seems that Miles is some sort cow thing?  I think it was him… and Dmitri showed up in the RV naked again so… Nature I guess.  Aileen got tied up again… For someone who has a katana she sure doesn't know how to get out of those situations…. She should be taking escape artist classes instead at this rate.

Oh right, there was some spirit stuff that Horizon seemed to have a better grasp on than the rest of us.  We spooked them with Cinder and Aeden made her larger with his ecto-magicks.  The rest of the group did all sorts of crazy stuff to cause them all to skip town.  It was fun.

Things we've burned so far:

A hobo drum fire        WE WATCHED THE PHOTOS BURN        Mark's Remains (Rest in peace)

The Het'Eye cult          A mummy                    WE WATCHED THE FOOLS BURN

Our home (sort of)     A hunter (Moletov!)    A fireplace

A bonfire                      A bridge                        DR. MARCElLUS ONCE WE CATCH THAT SNAKE

A note to self:  Be sure to take some pictures of dolls and outfits at the convention for AoNingyou and post on the forums.



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