Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

Miles Diary 5

Entry 5

What is going on with me? I try to play it off cool to the others. I pretend that I’m not scared out of my mind. But it’s frightening. I am sharing my body with another being. Be it another soul or a spirit, I’m not exactly sure. The raw power I gained at our merger is is huge. Even now, I can feel the rage, the raw power waiting to be used, to destroy. I wonder if this being just happen to choose me or maybe it’s always been there, waiting to to surface.

We are evidently skipping town to lay low. It’s probably for the best. On the way we mysteriously broke down and ended up in this small town. It was strange, because we happen to show up when we were needed the most. The local towns folk foiled a ritual performed by grandmother many years before. But in the end we were able to set everything strait. We scared the towns people a lot. Hopefully they will be able to go back to town and live. It was for the greater good of the land


marceline_gemlo Foltwop

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