Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

Miles Diary 4

Entry 4

The wizarding world is not what I expected. One of our members was being hunted down by these wanna be swat gangster screaming about evil witches. I know next to nothing of magic and I'm not that naive. We ended up cornered in Sophia's pent house when the three matrix stooges came and saved our asses. They seemed cool at first. They brought us to there lair in the sewers and gave us food and shelter. They were very nice to us, or at least some of us. Dmetri and I are evidently not mages, so there for not welcome in their magic get-a-way. I don't know what they were planning, but I knew it would not be good for Dmetri and I. 

The way they looked at us. As if we were worthless, not worthy of being in there presence. We were not welcome there, so Dmetri and I escaped. There is now possibly more then one faction hunting us now.  Luckily some of us are used to this kind of thing and know what to do. So we grabbed my dog and left town. Hopefully things cool down soon.

I had terrible nightmare of a dream of me running. I felt so free and a live, I did not want to stop, so I didn't. I came to a field: a golden sea of life and nature, and a fresh breeze gently blowing against my skin. And then I felt a release. And then PAIN. My skin crawled and moved. Hair grew then retracted. My limbs could not decide how long they wanted to be. My fingers merged into hooves and back again. So much pain I can't even describe. It was almost as strong as the raw rage I felt. Fury towards roads, towards buildings, towards man. When the pain became a dull ache and the river of fury almost blinded me, I saw another terror. It was dark and sleek with glistening teeth and sparkling eyes. I could feel it's hunger and taste his rage. 

Then we clashed. Two Titans trying to destroy each other. Fangs tore at tough flesh, claws raked, horns gored, hooves smashed. The blood ran clean and bones broke but the rage and the fight did not stop. I don't remember the dream very clearly. 

When I finally woke up, I was in a clearing, naked, covered in blood. And lying not too far away was Dmetri in the same shape. When I looked around I could see this was not a natural clearing. All the trees were destroyed, broken, or just ripped out of the ground. Was this really a dream? 


marceline_gemlo Foltwop

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