Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

Miles Diary 3

Entry 3

It does not get better. I feel like I'm playing a video game; playing this guy Miles and trying to get to the goal at the end of the level. My memory still hasn't come back yet. It still doesn't feel like my life. I have put most of the pieces together for what I can find out about this guy "Miles" but is it really me.

My new friends, I think I will call them the mystic wonders, keep talking about magic, and a greater power. I definitely have seen a lot of un explainable stuff. One example is how they keep saying that they have a friend stuck  in a small ancient artifact. Or how two of them keep saying "they see dead people." But some of it must be real since people keep trying to kill us. Kinda a long the lines of, " you meddling kids." I have now killed several people and really I don't think that's okay. The people always were trying to kill us but did we have to kill them? Could we have ran away? Knocked them out? Is this something "Miles" is okay with? Has he killed people before I took over?

This sounds lame, but I tried to do magic, what ever that means. I didn't feel anything. I just must not have it like the rest of the crew. But thinking of it, I don't think the Russian is any more comfortable with all this magic talk then I am, he just hides it better. But if I don't have magic, why am I still alive? The wounds I had when I woke up were pretty bad. And the fact I was missing for three days. That's not normal. And this current mess I'm in with all these different parts I have to play and my new magical friends. Is it fate? Maybe I have a gaurdian angel watching over me. Or maybe I am, or meant to be, something greater.


marceline_gemlo Foltwop

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