Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

Aileen Daily Report 2

Sailor Sprout Aileen, reporting in! laugh

Sorry I haven't posted my daily reports as much lately, there's a lot going on with some legal troubles some of you may have heard of, but that's all better now! yes It seems a friend and I were slipped some new type of hallucinogen and went on a bit of a walk through a bank. No one was hurt and we didn't take anything, and the jury was very understanding of our awful situation as victims, NOT criminals. angel I'll be busy helping out my awesome Boston community for awhile, that's all. enlightened I'm super excited to be helping kids at a local theater make costumes for plays.  Represent! Sailor Sprouts never do drugs, make sure to always watch your drinks when you're out having fun! cool

This situation has me in need of funds, so I know you guys have been requesting this a loooooong time so it's time for…………a calendar!!! heartkissheart I'll be doing photoshoots of my more popular, wellll…adult oriented costumes to make into a super awesome and sexy way to tell you all what day it is. I feel honored to grace your walls and tell your fate for the week. wink

Question of the day(and then some for days I missed!): Do you think the gators in the sewers are gone/ still there/ never existed? Are they ruled by lizard people? CAN THEY DO MAGIC?! surprise

If you were to (not accidently blush) rob a bank or a museum for example, how would you do it? >.>

What cosplay should be in the calendar? wink

This is Sailor Sprout Aileen, signing out!


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