Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

Miles Diary

Entry 1

Who am I? I woke up with a splitting head ache only knowing who I am because I have my drivers license.  Is that person in that picture truly me? He looks like me, but I know absolutely nothing about him. Things I do know, I have a dog; he is a cute lovable creature. I am part of a biker gang: the Ebony Phoenix. I have also found out I was beat up by some rival gang members encroaching on our territory. Oh, I am also the the leader of my little gang now, because I opened my big mouth.  And to top it all off, I am actually a police officer undercover, investigating the Ebony Phoenix.  I don't know what to make of my life, and who I truly am.  How do I know what is truly important to me since I don't know who I am?

On a side note, I met a group of strange people today.  I tried to write them off as just another random group of people you meet on the street. But I kept running into them over and over again.  Some might say what a small world, but Boston is not small.  I don't know if i believe in fate or not, but something keeps pulling me to these people.  I think I should at least hang out with them a bit encase there is some greater power pushing me there way, or maybe they will help me discover something more about myself. Actually, I already discovered something with them: Im evidently a great drinker.


marceline_gemlo Foltwop

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