Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

Aileen Daily Report 4

you find a scrap of paper taped to Aileen's phone, with messy handwriting and tears on it

Sailor Sprout Peaches, reporting in!

He's gone, how could this happen? I hate this place and the forest and the rats and the dirt but I didn't think…anyone would… (crudely drawn emoji sad face)

We pushed on past the hordes but does any of that matter? I put on a cute fake smile of a show and everyone clapped but what are we doing? How will we get home? We'll just be set on fire there, or crushed by rat ogres here. Maybe he's in a better place than these two worlds. Gotta find some vodka and pour some out for him, words and smiling and positivity just can do anything for me like they normally do.

Question of the Day: What happens to a soul? Will we be joining him soon?

This is Sailor Sprout Peaches, drinking way too much…(there's lots of cider spills and tears on the paper)


A half burnt piece of paper is taped haphazardly underneath this one.

A soul moves on to the underworld if we let it. Some we give a better peace, some we don’t. We won’t be joining him soon. More so, he’ll be joining us again soon.

PS: I almost lit the original message on fire because it had a lot of cider on it, but I burnt this one instead. You’re welcome.

Aileen Daily Report 4
marceline_gemlo soltersortna

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