Sophia Miller

A wealthy Museum Patron


An only child, Sophia Miller grew up among tutors and aides that continuously steered her towards being the Heiress of her father’s corporation. Her interactions with her parents were slim, if at all, between her parent’s business trips and outings which has left her social development lacking. Bought play dates or her aides would take care of any possible interactions which could damage her family’s name and her personal butler does his best to keep her money spending in check.

After graduating from Harvard as a Doctor of Philosophy in Classical Archaeology, she spends most of her efforts towards her contributions to the Museum of Fine Arts. As a lofty Museum Council Patron she spends most of her free time at the Museum, going to auctions for new pieces, and hanging out with Aileen Daily who mostly hangs out with her due to the rather expensive costumes she commissions for Aileen to wear (usually something risque for more views on her social media.)

Sophia has a strange fascination with Military Lolita and was drawn into the world of cosplay through Aileen with all the intricate costumes she can create on her own. Her knowledge of anime is limited and still gets it confused with its more adult counterpart.