Aedan Frye


Oldest of two children, Aedan Frye was born in Boston but grew up moving from place to place. After every year or so his family would pack up and move to another town or city in a different state. you wouldn’t know by looking at him now but Aedan bullied frequently when he was young and learned quick on how to fight back. after many years of moving to new places and rubbing people the wrong way Aedan became an expert at street fighting.

Now at the age of 25, Aedan has Bachelor’s Degree in Biology and has moved in with Uncle Gordon Frye in Boston. In the City where he was born Aedan plans on achieving his dream to become a Brew Master and open his own brewery.

Aedan Frye likes spends his free time finding new ways to brew Beer and Distill Spirits in the basement of his uncles place, But will also be frequently out exploring new places like under bridges and abandoned buildings, although he is definitely more careful doing so in the big city. Aedan’s has a nasty scar that runs down the full length of his left arm that is from an accident that happened 8 years ago when he was exploring a abandoned building when the Floor suddenly collapsed.

The Frye Family are all alive. Aedan’s parents packed up and moved over Seas and have been moving around for years in Europe. His sister is currently Volunteering in third word Countries giving food and medicine to those in need.