Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

Sophia's Story Thus Far
Probably riddles with errors

Before Death:

Sophia was a single child, rich girl who went to college for history and learned a bunch of stuff.  She never really spent much time hanging out with people and preferred books and things of the past.  Her isolation went so far that she never spent much time with her parents who were constantly busy with running the family business.  Her fashion sense reflects her interest in the bygone era and her only true friends were Al, her butler since she was young, and her new stable friendship with Aileen Daily.  Her world views were further expanded through Aileen’s interest and passion in Japanese comics and animation which pulled her closer to the modern era than anything had before.  Sophia became friends with AoNingen, an acquaintance she met through an internet forum about dolls and fashion.  Little did Sophia realize that she would soon be pulled into a whole mess of events that would cause her death and eventual departure from a world she cared little about and into a walking history book.

Everything started when Sophia purchased a moonstone pyramid to donate to her favorite museum she was a large donator to.  To blow off some steam she accompanied Aileen to an outing… which ended up being a seedy bar in the warehouse district where ruffians attack the patrons and also steal the family Rolls Royce from Al.  They eluded the police with @VodkaDrunk, who was later known as Dmitri, who took them to an actual bar where people recognized her and her father’s business.  Sophia’s assumptions that the world was too crazy of a place to deal with was only furthered from Aileen’s strange acquaintances.

A few days later she was invited out to a club by two of Aileen’s fans and was even invited to a private booth by Dmitri.  There she bought the most expensive things possible to not be shown up by her new ‘host’ and even learned that Dmitri somehow acquired her beloved pyramid.  Unfortunately the night took a turn for the worse when she followed the two fans downstairs and somehow ended up in a kidnapping attempt for her father’s money.  A crazy fight started when the group found her and the chair she was tied to may have killed one of her attackers which she saw later in the hospital window.  Sophia figured it was just her lack of sleep due to all of the craziness now thrust into her life and ignored it.

Things got even crazier when Aileen gets kidnapped for this alleged ‘Master’ who is bothering the group Sophia finds herself with most days.  She witnesses some sort of ill hobo take a stun gun and even punched another one of her friends, Lia, straight through the roof.  Dmitri blew him up with a grenade or something and we all made it out alive… Even Aileen was later found okay somewhere else. 

Well, just when I figured things would become a little more normal Sophia encounters a Japanese woman named Natsumi Yamasaki at the bar that keeps making moves and stealing her panties.  Fortunately, things return to more interesting times when Dmitri takes us all out to an auction for his birthday.  We bought a bunch of stuff including some ‘medallions of shadow.’  The next day Sophia woke up with one around her neck and her fate was forever changed.  After spending some time trying to figure out what and how to remove them they took a break at the Muddy Boot where Sophia enjoyed her last night as a normal person with Natsumi.   The group’s investigation eventually leads them to a monolith and hidden quarters beneath it.  After investigating the group went to leave but Sophia triggered a death trap and was killed in an explosion.  Sophia awoke in a black and white world where a flaming skeleton offered her another chance at life which she accepted without hesitation.  Thus, she awoke as a Sin Eater and was forever scarred with the reminder that she was truly broken.

After Death:

After her ‘accident,’ Sophia spent a large amount of time with her favorite doll Margaret who provides an extremely comforting aura whenever she holds her close.  The burning rage inside her eventually lead her to seek out who killed her which lead to discovering that her new friend Natsumi was in a deal with Auto Marcellus to reclaim her clan’s scroll.  Natsumi became the first person she could talk to about the supernatural forces that she was now a part of.  Sophia wishes to reclaim what was taken from Natsumi and have her return home.  Unfortunately, Aileen and Layla were caught up with some crazy hallucination drug and terrorize a local bank where Sophia pulled their asses out of the fire by impersonating a FBI agent in riot gear.  Cinder, Sophia’s Geist, is fed up with Sophia’s reluctance to go after Auto Marcellus further than she has and begins to use powers to communicate with her.  Due to this, she triggers a change in Aeden, a more down to earth individual whom she enjoyed the company of  and tolerated her presence.

Sophia found a Metal Rod of sorts at the bank and with Natsumi they crack it open in the Muddy Boot’s bathroom.  It releases some sort of Hindu mantra spirit thing that sends a wave of appreciation before leaving.  Later, Aeden takes the group along to an old subway tunnel  where they discover a dead worker named Mark who was killed by gators.  Sophia cremates his remains so he will be at peace but vows to avenge him.  Sophia learns that Aeden has some level of ghost powers and is super bros with him where they investigate Marcellus at the harbor and end up stranded after they get one upped by mage douchebags.  Afterwards, Sophia gets a letter that Natsumi was taken and is now sealed in a tube at the Harvard Museum.  Sophia changes all of her efforts into getting her back.  She also hears from their new, homeless friend Horizon that the rest of the group is apparently mages.

The group gears up and goes back into the subway system to fight the gators in the sewers where they encounter a cult and together with Cinder they lay down some smack down on Het’Eye, the Gator God.  Horizon bitchslaps the shit out of it and afterwards Sophia burns the hell out of the mummy remains.  Sophia gained a death mask that she can use for plasm as well. Aileen and Layla have their court case for their crazy drug thing and are given community service as their fine.  Together with Aeden, Sophia found an old abandoned train car which they worked to restore.  Sophia meets Miles at the Muddy Boot and the gang goes to China Town to find some artifacts to trade for Natsumi.  They find some stuff and kill another villain of the week that Marcellus sends after them.  Unfortunately, the group is attacked at night by a riot squad but Sophia gets to torch at least one with a homemade Molotov.  They are eventually saved by another group of mages and Aeden, Aileen, and Lia joined the Mage School where Sophia escaped via getting run over by a car.  After, the group skips town to Colorado for an anime convention.

Sophia burns a few more things on her road trip fighting a small town of yokels and does her best to thwart a werewolf attack at the convention but a lot of people die.  The only good thing in Colorado was the mage community that seemed a lot more tolerant of magical beings outside of mages.  After returning to Boston Aileen and Sophia work through the deal to get Natsumi back.  She returns to the train car and lets Natsumi out with Horizon’s help.  Sophia does her best to make her comfortable but runs off on another adventure with Aeden when he teleports himself somewhere.  There she meets a crazy alchemy dude named Albedo and his awesome skeleton friend Mr. Giggles.  They share a few good puns and watch The Bachelor together on TV.  The group finds out that there is an attack planned to wipe out the werewolf faction on the outskirts of town and goes to defend them.  There, the group is attacked by Malleus Malifacarum, a religious group who wants to stamp out witch craft. The werewolves were able to create a portal to The Shadow where the elders, women, and children escaped before the raid began.  During the battle, Sophia is disconnected from Cinder and panics, abandoning everything else in the pursuit to restore their bond.  The swat team that attacked them has some sort of tank that housed spirits that were being forced to fight – Project Luna’s Hammer.  A woman by the name of Lane Albury – Science Division -1st announces their victory and the group flees but not before Aileen is severely injured by a flaming sword dude but Lala fortunately blows him a new asshole with her magic as the group flees.  Sophia calls Horizon, Natsumi, and Al to get them to the train car where the group plans to leave to the Shadow to lay low for a while.  Sophia leaves Al behind to tend to her personal affairs in the real world and leaves without telling anyone else.

The Shadow:

The shadow started out as a miserable experience of camping and no cell service but soon turned into time well spent with Natsumi learning all sorts of survival skills and quality time with her.  The group soon meets Flint Brewbury, a dwarf, whom they assist with getting away from a group of rat people who are trying to kill him.  The group starts their travel to the nearby city of Arkham to get Stephanie, the injured werewolf leader, to an actual hospital.  The group encounters more rats and fights a giant rat ogre with an exploding green crystal rifle.  The next day the group encounters more rats and Dmitri is killed in combat.  The group mourns his death and both Aeden and Sophia use their magic to someday restore him.  Aeden keeps his soul while Sophia cremates his body and keeps his ashes.  The group runs through the warzone of the rats and blow up the weapon facility looking area with an explosive rifle and several chain reactions.  Sophia has another moment of brilliance where she has Aeden combine an arrow and the exploding spear together which Lala shoots into a large ‘doom bell’ which causes a magnificent explosion.  Unfortunately, it also attracted the attention of the rats but the group manages to escape to Arkham before the real raid begins.

Sophia meets with Lt. Ruthers and informs them about the doom bell and other information regarding the rats and weapons. They stay at the Albatross using Margaret as payment since they do not have any gold.  The group goes under the guise of Mr. and Mrs. Miller with Aeden with Aileen and Lala as their maids.  Sophia is now in her element as a noble during the Victorian Era and takes point at the party thrown for ‘the heroes of Arkham.’  There Aeden and Sophia come up with their backstory of running the Miller Brewing company from Milwaukee where they brew Miller Light Ale.  Aeden married into the family with Sophia being the powerful mage that combined with his family for the brewing prowess.  Sophia meets Ajuline Decoutuex who is stuck in her study and cannot get to Kings Port.  She also meets Theo Hodin and his friend Melton Joseph who makes 10,000 gold a year.  Sophia uses a lot of magic to impress the party and establish herself as a mage.  The party ends when Aileen finds a bee girl who is subsequently named ‘cake’ after the food she was after.

That night, the city is attacked by rats and together the group makes it to the north gate to defend from the rat’s siege.  Sophia eventually burns the poisonous incense siege weapon and the group meets with Lt. Ruthers and further strategizes about the defense of the city.  The group then goes into the sewers where the rats are attacking from to stop wherever they are coming from. The group eventually rescues some nobles and destroys a large room to seal up the sewers from invasion at the cost of a city block.  Sophia is stabbed for the first time by a rat and panics casting spells at random as a result.  Although she has died before, being on the frontlines and taking hits was not her thing.  After defeating another large rat monstrosity, Sophia assists Aeden in putting out fires and salvaging what they can of the city.  Sophia dupes Aileen to thinking that her phone works and is subsequently dragged to the mage college in an effort to cure Flint’s odd behavior of eating clothing and fixing her phone.  At the college they meet a professor by the name of Ik’th who is freakishly tall and has several eyes and voices.  She does however have the ability to send them back to Boston.  Aileen’s phone is taken to find the correct Boston and the group goes to a party at Theo’s house.  There the group learns about the Hodin Railway and how their train car that they abandoned is just a mile away from a line.  Theo also proposes restoring the Adventurer’s Guild with us funding it that we begin discussions with Theo’s Father.  Flint, being the drunken dwarf that he is, wandered off from the dinner party and went drinking with Candice at a secret pirate bar and was accosted to join a pirate crew.  We eventually saved him but also made a bet with a pirate and made him mad at the same time.  It all shook out in the end but we also learned that Marcellus is at the Mage College….

Aileen's Story So Far


Aileen Daily took an interest in anime at a young age after seeing a show called Sailor Sprouts. She loved dressing up for Halloween and eventually at conventions. She became an accomplished cosplayer, eventually winning a few small prizes and starting her own youtube channel in college. After gaining a bit of fame with a well made Sailor Sprout costume, Aileen switched to being a full time professional cosplayer. She has since gained an immense following on her youtube channel and other social media, and is often invited to conventions as a special guest or competition judge. Aileen led a somewhat normal life, traveling often to conventions and always heading home to Boston in between to hang out with her friend Sophia. She often took commission work from her to make military Lolita outfits and clothes for Margaret.

Ep 1. The Journey of a Sailor Sprout Begins with Friendship!

On a normal day at her favorite coffee shop, she met two people who would lead her to greater adventure as Magical Girl Aileen! Leah and Lala both started talking with her and she was invited that night to the Muddy Boot to party. There she met the rest of the crew, Dmitri and Aiden, as well as a strange and nervous young man who she took a selfie with. Shortly there after, the bar was invaded by a group of kidnappers, trying to take (Dmitri?). After being shot at, whacking someone with a pool cue and saving her new friends, a bond was formed! THEIR NEW LIFE AS MAGICAL WARRIORS HAD BEGUN!

After several weeks of drinking way too much at the boot, investigating old smelly hardware stores, hearing about a scary ghoulish man (though she didn’t believe hard enough at the time) and general tomfoolery, our hero was kidnapped by the evil dudes! Through her wit and flexibility trait, she escaped her bonds and smashed the fuck outta a guy’s head with a toilet top. After her smooth escape while only taking a few bullets, Aileen realized there must be a bigger picture she couldn’t see yet.

Ep 2. A Friend Falls and a Cinder Burns to Life!

After a fancy auction, Sophia purchased a set of historical medallions from Boston’s history. Aileen could care less, but followed her buddy on an adventure to find their origin for the museum. This led to a building that rested on the site they were found and a mysterious obelisk. Upon finding a chamber below full of magical tomes, weird crystals and a spoopy skeleton (all of which Aileen forgot temporarily), they heard a hissing sound. The heroes had triggered a gas trap! They fled from the door but the medallion Sophia was wearing prevented her from leaving the doorway. The thick stone door sealed her in and Aileen could only listen in horror as the gas ignited and the courtyard exploded, killing her friend. Aileen, heartbroken despite her lost memory, wept for her friend but was amazed to see Sophia crawl out of the rubble. She was forever changed but still alive, and not alone, little did Aileen know. Now that they thought they were being targeted by some evil organization, Aileen moved in with Sophia to stay close.

Ep 3. Aileen’s Shiny Magical Awakening Adenture!

Sophia followed a few leads to speak with a Dr. Marcellus at Harvard about the obelisk and medallions, and other objects he had purchased at the same auction. The group could not find him at the school but followed his car out to the woods, where they stumbled loudly into a meeting between Marcellus and Nasumi, a big boobered friend of theirs. This caused him to not only hate these huge scrubs, but also punish Nasumi. Much drinking ensued later that night.

The following day(?), Aileen woke up as usual at Sopia’s apartment with a massive hangover. Upon entering the bathroom, she found a magical cave like landscape instead. A sentient crystal being urged her to help save their mate from an evil group of pirate centaurs. Assuming it to be an alcohol induced dream, Aileen followed it’s instructions and went off to be the fantasy superhero she always wanted to be! Meeting a strange ghost woman, friendly butler guy who was very familiar and Lala, who was in her own dream, Aileen and company stormed the pirate/dragon base and saved the crystal being! Aileen was transported to a thorny hill with a gigantic tower resting upon it, which presented her with several visions of her past, present, and possible armless future. She inscribed her name into a mysterious book inside and felt power awaken from within. Little did they know this was actually happening in the real world, and they had wandered into a bank to storm a very real vault. In their ‘drug’ induced visionquest, they had broken a vending machine, several cameras, and opened an empty safe. Sophia’s quick thinking saved any civilians from harm, though the police arrived shortly. Aileen and Lala snuck out the back after a brave diversion by Dmitri at the loss of his beloved car. They promptly got captured anyway, but the police sure suck at remembering to lock things and also have terrible luck with seagulls, so they snuck away.

Ep 4. A False God Challenges the Magical Girls!

After spending a stressful few days hiding from the authorities and committing a small amount of arson and property damage at Marcellus’s office, the pair turned themselves in and went through a trial. Aileen met Horizon a little homeless girl with knowledge of magic, who explained some basics for her and started her on the path to becoming a magical girl! As they waited for trial, the group entered the city sewers after Aiden stumbled across a cool train car hideout. They discovered a door that led further down and a dead body chewed on by gators. After Sophia spoke with the ghost of the man, they delved further to discoved the real cause of his death; GATOR MEN. Aileen convinced a crazy cultist of the gators to sell jewelry on Etsy, and they fought a few more until reaching the bottom. There the cult leader tried to summon the crocodile god, Hetai, but was soundly crushed by the glorious and totally not fake goddess of fire, Cinder. Aileen and Lala’s trial commenced shortly after, and with the defense that their drinks had been spiked with a new experimental drug the night before, and a bit of cheaty fate magic, they got off with community service. Aileen’s social media status took a hit, but nothing too bad. Aileen was eager to stay on the good side of the law, but as her new powers of fate grew, so did everyone’s problems.

Ep 5. A Sailor Sprout Best By Evil: The Boob Tube Chronicles!

The entire party is beset by an ominous shared dream of the city exploding, but Aileen assumes it’s just a side effect of her new magic and carries own with life. She then learns that Sopia’s hot girlfriend had been stuffed into a magical tube and put in the museum by Marcellus. Determined to get her out, they visit the tube but fail to use their new powers to free her. Aileen and crew paid a visit to China town and were attacked in this apparent combat zone by a minion of Marcellus. Taking a much needed break at Sophia’s penthouse, the party heard something on the roof. An anti mage riot squad was approaching to defeat the magical girls! Thanks to some quick thinking tactical positioning and Molotovs, the party held back the attack before being saved by a group from a magical organization called the Confederated Consilium of Boston. Aileen met with the mage group later and signed a blood oath, gaining new allies and access to magical education. They even helped negotiate a trade of magical artifacts for Nasumi’s freedom.

Ep 6. Anime Adventure to the Land of Mountains!

After a relative break in the action, Marcellus and his evil gang of witch hunters seems to have left the party alone, giving them time to work on their new digs. They magically reinforce and hide the old train car, making it a magical fortress for goodness and friendship! The party decided to continue laying low and take a trip to Colorado for an anime convention. On the road, the RV broke down at a quaint country town in the middle of nowhere. Horizon noticed some spiritual murmurings that felt off and the group found that a pair of spirits were rampaging near town. After stopping a mob from sacrificing humans to the angry spirits, the gang calms the two, and gets the heck outta dodge. This kind of adventuring is what Aileen loves, even though she almost got killed! Saving the world with her magic is seeming more and more real.

The RV pulls into Denver and Aileen heads to one of her goals, an exchange of letters with the Council of Voices, the western mage group. The party meets their leader and find that Colorado is a very tolerant area of all sorts of mages, spirits and other beings living in harmony. They learn of a rogue wolf creature that might be hunting a mage at the convention. Back in her element at the anime convention, Aileen is mostly busy preparing for her panel and displaying her new outfits to notice her friend’s investigations. They discover some bodies I guess? More importantly, Aileen’s rival in cosplay, Hazel Parks is off flashing her tits somewhere at the con as well, what an attention hog! Some crazed skin walker attacks the entire convention floor, murdering tons before being stopped and ruining Aileen’s impression on social media even further.

Ep 7. The Heroes Fall to the Flames of Hated!

After the party returns to Boston, Aileen thinks she might have some time to rest and focus on her cosplay and growing her magical education, but quickly learns that normal life is out of her reach forever. A wounded werewolf that seems to be familiar with Dmitri and Horizon appears, almost at Death’s door. He was attacked by hunters, who the gang tracked to a lair in the sewers, barred by a thick metal door. Rather than charge into the den of skilled warriors, they decided to warn and help the rest of the werewolves get to safety. Finding the small village of wolves, they inform their leader of the situation, and she is determined to fight. Aileen of course, resolves to fight the evil coming to eradicate these new friends of hers. They prepare a few traps and surprises before sending any non combatants through a portal to a place called the Shadow. Stephanie comments that it isn’t a very safe place, but they won’t be hunted there.

Sunset approaches as the first enemies are spotted, first a few men in riot gear, then an army, then a small squad of spirit infused robots! Aileen does her best to protect the werewolves with her luck magic, but many are gunned down by silver bullets. The village is torched as the leader of the Maleficus appears, a man with a flaming sword and a holy mission to destroy any non humans. Aileen, confident in her powers, her friends and her resolve, rushes to meet her foe’s blade with her own. This marks the turning point for Aileen’s hope, as she is swiftly and easily struck down by her opponent, leaving her left arm in burning tatters. Aiden drags her to safety as Lala makes a legendary sniper shot, exploding the man’s head. Despite his loss, the soldiers push on and the party is forced to retreat into a more unstable portal to the Shadow with the remaining werewolves. They are sent to an unknown forest with the train car, lost in more ways than one.

Ep 8. A Dangerous New Land; A Lost Wolf Howls for the Last Time

After the intial shock and medical care wears off, the group finds that Stephanie is in dire need of more expert care. They head out into the woods, leaving the safety of their train car behind to seek a town. Aileen is in a daze, having lost the use of her arm, her cellphone, and her hopeful outlook on life. Reduced to a shivering withdrawal wreck, she hardly takes joy in the fact that they have landed in an actual fantasy universe. Giant rat men swarm the forests, reinforcing what Stephanie had said about the Shadow being dangerous. Exploding weapons and magical giant rat orges are obstacles Aileen can hardly think of; not even meeting a real dwarf phases her. With Flint’s intel, they have a goal; Arkham, but soon their world is rocked again. A surprise encounter with rat men leads to Dmitiri’s death, bringing Aileen to her lowest point ever. After a night of remembrance, Aileen vows not to lose another. The group presses on to the city of Arkham, and is floored to discover it is surrounded in an army of Beshalu. They say fuck it and run through the ranks of rats, roasting as many rascals as they can. They manage to destroy the Doom Bell, a legendary siege weapon and make it into town in spectacular fashion.

Ep 9. City of Kindled Hope; the Hero’s Welcome to Arkham!

Sophia, exposed as a mage, pretends to be a rich noble from a distant land, with Aiden masquerading as her husband. They find lodging at the Albatross inn, which immediately lands the group in a huge amount of debt. Aileen is back in civilization, so her mood improves a bit, and she doesn’t really mind pretending to be a maid. She makes a friend named Holley and gets some rest and relaxation after their trek. She fails to track down some vodka to honor Dmitri and challenges the innkeeper to brew some. The group fits in quite well in their fake roles, and is invited to a party by the commander of the town guard, to honor them for the destruction of the Doom Bell. Aileen has a wonderful time at the party, meeting some nice rich folks, but runs into a strange bee monster girl who they name Cake. She doesn’t communicate very well but so far seems to love sweets, hugging Aileen’s face, and warmth. Trying to avoid any conflict in her life, Aileen just resolves to hide her and try to find her a new home, as hers seems to be taken over by a different queen?

Arkham’s siege continues with a bold attack in the night by rats from the sewer system. After learning the focus of their attack is to breach one of the gates, they rush to the city guard’s aid. The Beshalu have another siege weapon that spews poison gas, but the heroes manage to destroy it (thanks mostly to Sophia) and clear out the rats infesting the sewers in a very explosive fashion. Despite nearly leveling half a city block, the party is celebrated as saviors of the city once again.

Ep 10. A Way Home? Or a Way Westward?!

Aileen is once again given a moment’s rest, and uses it to investigate the mage college, which is actually the same Consilium that she and Aiden are a part of. After inquiring after their old enemy Marcellus, they meet an unsettling teacher named Icth, who might be able to help them return to their normal universe. Since it’s Aileen’s first chance at returning to normal life, she even hands over her dead cell phone to assist Icth in finding them a way home. The group heads to a dinner proposed by one of the nobles, Theo Hodin. He wants to rebuild the adventurer’s guild in the city, which the party suggests putting in the ruined areas of the battle they had finished. Theo’s father discusses his network of rail lines, and though clearly unhappy with Theo’s enthusiasm for the guild, the party convinces him that his rail lines could benefit from such a group traveling West. After returning to the Albatross, a letter arrives informing Aileen that Dr. Marcellus is at the college in Arkham.

Aileen Daily Report 4
you find a scrap of paper taped to Aileen's phone, with messy handwriting and tears on it

Sailor Sprout Peaches, reporting in!

He's gone, how could this happen? I hate this place and the forest and the rats and the dirt but I didn't think…anyone would… (crudely drawn emoji sad face)

We pushed on past the hordes but does any of that matter? I put on a cute fake smile of a show and everyone clapped but what are we doing? How will we get home? We'll just be set on fire there, or crushed by rat ogres here. Maybe he's in a better place than these two worlds. Gotta find some vodka and pour some out for him, words and smiling and positivity just can do anything for me like they normally do.

Question of the Day: What happens to a soul? Will we be joining him soon?

This is Sailor Sprout Peaches, drinking way too much…(there's lots of cider spills and tears on the paper)

Aileen Daily Report 3

Sailor Sprout Aileen, reporting in! heart

It's been quite the month! The convention in Denver was awesome, though I'm sure you all heard the news about the 'incident'. I'm just as confused as the police! Some crazy guy I guess. frown Well, my friends and I are unharmed and I had a great unveiling of my latest cosplay, so at least there's that. Thank you all for your support for the calendar, it's keeping me afloat lately! heart I need an awesome life raft like my fans right now, it's been rough. I know I haven't been updating my social media as much lately, but I need a bit of Aileen time.  I'm taking a personal trip for awhile with some close friends, not sure when I'll be back. Maybe check out some scenic locales, get more ideas for costumes, and be back before you know it and even more awesome than before! yes When I get home, things are going to get sorted out for better or worse, it might not be pretty, but I know I can depend on you all to save me one comment at a time. heart

Question of the month(s?): If you had superpowers to save others from pain, would you flinch at yourself getting hurt to do so? Is it worth your life? What is the true meaning of justice? Can true powerful evil be stopped by will alone?

This is Sailor Sprout Aileen, signing out! wink

Sophia's Diary - Entry 1
Aka - Things we've burned

Ugh, things have been getting so crazy lately…  I noticed 'neck tats' scribbling something in his dirty old journal and won't be showed up, so I'll be sure to buy the most expensive looking leather bound journal at the convention once we get there.  But for now I'll just have to make due with my small notebook I keep for auctions and appraisals.  Actually, that all seems like a lifetime ago ever since my pact with Cinder starte PAPER IS FLAMMABLE!  BURN THE WRITING! d.  Father is quite upset with me on how almost everything I've touched lately has had some sort of 'incident' and another insurance call.  I'm sure he is glad to get me out of the state. <s>Though we did have another 'incident' with the RV but it was fixed… no one will know.</s>   THEY WONT REMEMBER

The town was…. quaint.  Miles and Dmitri were up to their usual antics but it seems that Miles is some sort cow thing?  I think it was him… and Dmitri showed up in the RV naked again so… Nature I guess.  Aileen got tied up again… For someone who has a katana she sure doesn't know how to get out of those situations…. She should be taking escape artist classes instead at this rate.

Oh right, there was some spirit stuff that Horizon seemed to have a better grasp on than the rest of us.  We spooked them with Cinder and Aeden made her larger with his ecto-magicks.  The rest of the group did all sorts of crazy stuff to cause them all to skip town.  It was fun.

Things we've burned so far:

A hobo drum fire        WE WATCHED THE PHOTOS BURN        Mark's Remains (Rest in peace)

The Het'Eye cult          A mummy                    WE WATCHED THE FOOLS BURN

Our home (sort of)     A hunter (Moletov!)    A fireplace

A bonfire                      A bridge                        DR. MARCElLUS ONCE WE CATCH THAT SNAKE

A note to self:  Be sure to take some pictures of dolls and outfits at the convention for AoNingyou and post on the forums.


Miles Diary 5
Entry 5

What is going on with me? I try to play it off cool to the others. I pretend that I’m not scared out of my mind. But it’s frightening. I am sharing my body with another being. Be it another soul or a spirit, I’m not exactly sure. The raw power I gained at our merger is is huge. Even now, I can feel the rage, the raw power waiting to be used, to destroy. I wonder if this being just happen to choose me or maybe it’s always been there, waiting to to surface.

We are evidently skipping town to lay low. It’s probably for the best. On the way we mysteriously broke down and ended up in this small town. It was strange, because we happen to show up when we were needed the most. The local towns folk foiled a ritual performed by grandmother many years before. But in the end we were able to set everything strait. We scared the towns people a lot. Hopefully they will be able to go back to town and live. It was for the greater good of the land

Miles Diary 4
Entry 4

The wizarding world is not what I expected. One of our members was being hunted down by these wanna be swat gangster screaming about evil witches. I know next to nothing of magic and I'm not that naive. We ended up cornered in Sophia's pent house when the three matrix stooges came and saved our asses. They seemed cool at first. They brought us to there lair in the sewers and gave us food and shelter. They were very nice to us, or at least some of us. Dmetri and I are evidently not mages, so there for not welcome in their magic get-a-way. I don't know what they were planning, but I knew it would not be good for Dmetri and I. 

The way they looked at us. As if we were worthless, not worthy of being in there presence. We were not welcome there, so Dmetri and I escaped. There is now possibly more then one faction hunting us now.  Luckily some of us are used to this kind of thing and know what to do. So we grabbed my dog and left town. Hopefully things cool down soon.

I had terrible nightmare of a dream of me running. I felt so free and a live, I did not want to stop, so I didn't. I came to a field: a golden sea of life and nature, and a fresh breeze gently blowing against my skin. And then I felt a release. And then PAIN. My skin crawled and moved. Hair grew then retracted. My limbs could not decide how long they wanted to be. My fingers merged into hooves and back again. So much pain I can't even describe. It was almost as strong as the raw rage I felt. Fury towards roads, towards buildings, towards man. When the pain became a dull ache and the river of fury almost blinded me, I saw another terror. It was dark and sleek with glistening teeth and sparkling eyes. I could feel it's hunger and taste his rage. 

Then we clashed. Two Titans trying to destroy each other. Fangs tore at tough flesh, claws raked, horns gored, hooves smashed. The blood ran clean and bones broke but the rage and the fight did not stop. I don't remember the dream very clearly. 

When I finally woke up, I was in a clearing, naked, covered in blood. And lying not too far away was Dmetri in the same shape. When I looked around I could see this was not a natural clearing. All the trees were destroyed, broken, or just ripped out of the ground. Was this really a dream? 

Aileen Daily Report 2

Sailor Sprout Aileen, reporting in! laugh

Sorry I haven't posted my daily reports as much lately, there's a lot going on with some legal troubles some of you may have heard of, but that's all better now! yes It seems a friend and I were slipped some new type of hallucinogen and went on a bit of a walk through a bank. No one was hurt and we didn't take anything, and the jury was very understanding of our awful situation as victims, NOT criminals. angel I'll be busy helping out my awesome Boston community for awhile, that's all. enlightened I'm super excited to be helping kids at a local theater make costumes for plays.  Represent! Sailor Sprouts never do drugs, make sure to always watch your drinks when you're out having fun! cool

This situation has me in need of funds, so I know you guys have been requesting this a loooooong time so it's time for…………a calendar!!! heartkissheart I'll be doing photoshoots of my more popular, wellll…adult oriented costumes to make into a super awesome and sexy way to tell you all what day it is. I feel honored to grace your walls and tell your fate for the week. wink

Question of the day(and then some for days I missed!): Do you think the gators in the sewers are gone/ still there/ never existed? Are they ruled by lizard people? CAN THEY DO MAGIC?! surprise

If you were to (not accidently blush) rob a bank or a museum for example, how would you do it? >.>

What cosplay should be in the calendar? wink

This is Sailor Sprout Aileen, signing out!

Miles Diary 3
Entry 3

It does not get better. I feel like I'm playing a video game; playing this guy Miles and trying to get to the goal at the end of the level. My memory still hasn't come back yet. It still doesn't feel like my life. I have put most of the pieces together for what I can find out about this guy "Miles" but is it really me.

My new friends, I think I will call them the mystic wonders, keep talking about magic, and a greater power. I definitely have seen a lot of un explainable stuff. One example is how they keep saying that they have a friend stuck  in a small ancient artifact. Or how two of them keep saying "they see dead people." But some of it must be real since people keep trying to kill us. Kinda a long the lines of, " you meddling kids." I have now killed several people and really I don't think that's okay. The people always were trying to kill us but did we have to kill them? Could we have ran away? Knocked them out? Is this something "Miles" is okay with? Has he killed people before I took over?

This sounds lame, but I tried to do magic, what ever that means. I didn't feel anything. I just must not have it like the rest of the crew. But thinking of it, I don't think the Russian is any more comfortable with all this magic talk then I am, he just hides it better. But if I don't have magic, why am I still alive? The wounds I had when I woke up were pretty bad. And the fact I was missing for three days. That's not normal. And this current mess I'm in with all these different parts I have to play and my new magical friends. Is it fate? Maybe I have a gaurdian angel watching over me. Or maybe I am, or meant to be, something greater.

Boston Globe Article 6
News 6

Swimmers Wash Ashore Dead, A Reminder to Stay Safe When in the Ocean

Four bodies recently were found along the Boston Bay area.  They all appear to have drowned while attempting to swim further out in the bay.  Though these were no ordinary swimmers, the bodies all were found wearing full clothing and show little signs of normal drowning.  The police believe this to be a Boating accident, there was traces of alcohol in all the bodies.  Let this be a reminder to all of you boating in the bay;  As nice as it may be to go out and have a drink on the high seas,  wear your life jackets.

College Student Found Dead, College Under Scrutiny.

A student was found outside a frat in southern Boston dead last Sunday from alcohol poisoning.  The student was named Perry Duckworth and was a Harvard student.  The frat in question was to Boston University students.  People who saw him last said he was completely and utterly drunk when he left the frat house located near Fenway Park and was visibly stumbling.  "He said he had called  an Uber" says a student and resident at the house.  BPD reminds all college ages students to drink in moderation.

The Boston University is under scrutiny for allowing such actions to happen within its establishments.  This is the fourth alcohol related death in the last three months and the school is now beginning an inquiry into its policies.

Another Mysterious Death in Telegraph Hill, BPD Suspect Homicide.

Another blood related death has occurred in the Telegraph Hill area.  A young woman was found on Tuesday with her blood spilled in her own home with no visible signs of entry or exit.  Police believe this to be the work of a possible serial killer operating in the area and advise all residents to remain vigilant for any suspicious behavior.  "She never had any enemies or ex-lovers.  I just don't know who would want to do this to her" says roommate to the victim.  The roommate had been on vacation at the suspected time of the murder.  "We are doing all that we can to look into these killings,  Forensic teams have been brought in and an expert on Serial murderers has been brought to advise the BPD on this matter."  says police chief Cassell.  The advisor in question was not named.

* attached is a photo of a woman with curly black hair and an average build,  and a photo of an apartment complex with police cars in front of it. *  


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