Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

Aileen Daily Report 3

Sailor Sprout Aileen, reporting in! heart

It's been quite the month! The convention in Denver was awesome, though I'm sure you all heard the news about the 'incident'. I'm just as confused as the police! Some crazy guy I guess. frown Well, my friends and I are unharmed and I had a great unveiling of my latest cosplay, so at least there's that. Thank you all for your support for the calendar, it's keeping me afloat lately! heart I need an awesome life raft like my fans right now, it's been rough. I know I haven't been updating my social media as much lately, but I need a bit of Aileen time.  I'm taking a personal trip for awhile with some close friends, not sure when I'll be back. Maybe check out some scenic locales, get more ideas for costumes, and be back before you know it and even more awesome than before! yes When I get home, things are going to get sorted out for better or worse, it might not be pretty, but I know I can depend on you all to save me one comment at a time. heart

Question of the month(s?): If you had superpowers to save others from pain, would you flinch at yourself getting hurt to do so? Is it worth your life? What is the true meaning of justice? Can true powerful evil be stopped by will alone?

This is Sailor Sprout Aileen, signing out! wink

Sophia's Diary - Entry 1
Aka - Things we've burned

Ugh, things have been getting so crazy lately…  I noticed 'neck tats' scribbling something in his dirty old journal and won't be showed up, so I'll be sure to buy the most expensive looking leather bound journal at the convention once we get there.  But for now I'll just have to make due with my small notebook I keep for auctions and appraisals.  Actually, that all seems like a lifetime ago ever since my pact with Cinder starte PAPER IS FLAMMABLE!  BURN THE WRITING! d.  Father is quite upset with me on how almost everything I've touched lately has had some sort of 'incident' and another insurance call.  I'm sure he is glad to get me out of the state. <s>Though we did have another 'incident' with the RV but it was fixed… no one will know.</s>   THEY WONT REMEMBER

The town was…. quaint.  Miles and Dmitri were up to their usual antics but it seems that Miles is some sort cow thing?  I think it was him… and Dmitri showed up in the RV naked again so… Nature I guess.  Aileen got tied up again… For someone who has a katana she sure doesn't know how to get out of those situations…. She should be taking escape artist classes instead at this rate.

Oh right, there was some spirit stuff that Horizon seemed to have a better grasp on than the rest of us.  We spooked them with Cinder and Aeden made her larger with his ecto-magicks.  The rest of the group did all sorts of crazy stuff to cause them all to skip town.  It was fun.

Things we've burned so far:

A hobo drum fire        WE WATCHED THE PHOTOS BURN        Mark's Remains (Rest in peace)

The Het'Eye cult          A mummy                    WE WATCHED THE FOOLS BURN

Our home (sort of)     A hunter (Moletov!)    A fireplace

A bonfire                      A bridge                        DR. MARCElLUS ONCE WE CATCH THAT SNAKE

A note to self:  Be sure to take some pictures of dolls and outfits at the convention for AoNingyou and post on the forums.


Miles Diary 5
Entry 5

What is going on with me? I try to play it off cool to the others. I pretend that I’m not scared out of my mind. But it’s frightening. I am sharing my body with another being. Be it another soul or a spirit, I’m not exactly sure. The raw power I gained at our merger is is huge. Even now, I can feel the rage, the raw power waiting to be used, to destroy. I wonder if this being just happen to choose me or maybe it’s always been there, waiting to to surface.

We are evidently skipping town to lay low. It’s probably for the best. On the way we mysteriously broke down and ended up in this small town. It was strange, because we happen to show up when we were needed the most. The local towns folk foiled a ritual performed by grandmother many years before. But in the end we were able to set everything strait. We scared the towns people a lot. Hopefully they will be able to go back to town and live. It was for the greater good of the land

Miles Diary 4
Entry 4

The wizarding world is not what I expected. One of our members was being hunted down by these wanna be swat gangster screaming about evil witches. I know next to nothing of magic and I'm not that naive. We ended up cornered in Sophia's pent house when the three matrix stooges came and saved our asses. They seemed cool at first. They brought us to there lair in the sewers and gave us food and shelter. They were very nice to us, or at least some of us. Dmetri and I are evidently not mages, so there for not welcome in their magic get-a-way. I don't know what they were planning, but I knew it would not be good for Dmetri and I. 

The way they looked at us. As if we were worthless, not worthy of being in there presence. We were not welcome there, so Dmetri and I escaped. There is now possibly more then one faction hunting us now.  Luckily some of us are used to this kind of thing and know what to do. So we grabbed my dog and left town. Hopefully things cool down soon.

I had terrible nightmare of a dream of me running. I felt so free and a live, I did not want to stop, so I didn't. I came to a field: a golden sea of life and nature, and a fresh breeze gently blowing against my skin. And then I felt a release. And then PAIN. My skin crawled and moved. Hair grew then retracted. My limbs could not decide how long they wanted to be. My fingers merged into hooves and back again. So much pain I can't even describe. It was almost as strong as the raw rage I felt. Fury towards roads, towards buildings, towards man. When the pain became a dull ache and the river of fury almost blinded me, I saw another terror. It was dark and sleek with glistening teeth and sparkling eyes. I could feel it's hunger and taste his rage. 

Then we clashed. Two Titans trying to destroy each other. Fangs tore at tough flesh, claws raked, horns gored, hooves smashed. The blood ran clean and bones broke but the rage and the fight did not stop. I don't remember the dream very clearly. 

When I finally woke up, I was in a clearing, naked, covered in blood. And lying not too far away was Dmetri in the same shape. When I looked around I could see this was not a natural clearing. All the trees were destroyed, broken, or just ripped out of the ground. Was this really a dream? 

Aileen Daily Report 2

Sailor Sprout Aileen, reporting in! laugh

Sorry I haven't posted my daily reports as much lately, there's a lot going on with some legal troubles some of you may have heard of, but that's all better now! yes It seems a friend and I were slipped some new type of hallucinogen and went on a bit of a walk through a bank. No one was hurt and we didn't take anything, and the jury was very understanding of our awful situation as victims, NOT criminals. angel I'll be busy helping out my awesome Boston community for awhile, that's all. enlightened I'm super excited to be helping kids at a local theater make costumes for plays.  Represent! Sailor Sprouts never do drugs, make sure to always watch your drinks when you're out having fun! cool

This situation has me in need of funds, so I know you guys have been requesting this a loooooong time so it's time for…………a calendar!!! heartkissheart I'll be doing photoshoots of my more popular, wellll…adult oriented costumes to make into a super awesome and sexy way to tell you all what day it is. I feel honored to grace your walls and tell your fate for the week. wink

Question of the day(and then some for days I missed!): Do you think the gators in the sewers are gone/ still there/ never existed? Are they ruled by lizard people? CAN THEY DO MAGIC?! surprise

If you were to (not accidently blush) rob a bank or a museum for example, how would you do it? >.>

What cosplay should be in the calendar? wink

This is Sailor Sprout Aileen, signing out!

Miles Diary 3
Entry 3

It does not get better. I feel like I'm playing a video game; playing this guy Miles and trying to get to the goal at the end of the level. My memory still hasn't come back yet. It still doesn't feel like my life. I have put most of the pieces together for what I can find out about this guy "Miles" but is it really me.

My new friends, I think I will call them the mystic wonders, keep talking about magic, and a greater power. I definitely have seen a lot of un explainable stuff. One example is how they keep saying that they have a friend stuck  in a small ancient artifact. Or how two of them keep saying "they see dead people." But some of it must be real since people keep trying to kill us. Kinda a long the lines of, " you meddling kids." I have now killed several people and really I don't think that's okay. The people always were trying to kill us but did we have to kill them? Could we have ran away? Knocked them out? Is this something "Miles" is okay with? Has he killed people before I took over?

This sounds lame, but I tried to do magic, what ever that means. I didn't feel anything. I just must not have it like the rest of the crew. But thinking of it, I don't think the Russian is any more comfortable with all this magic talk then I am, he just hides it better. But if I don't have magic, why am I still alive? The wounds I had when I woke up were pretty bad. And the fact I was missing for three days. That's not normal. And this current mess I'm in with all these different parts I have to play and my new magical friends. Is it fate? Maybe I have a gaurdian angel watching over me. Or maybe I am, or meant to be, something greater.

Boston Globe Article 6
News 6

Swimmers Wash Ashore Dead, A Reminder to Stay Safe When in the Ocean

Four bodies recently were found along the Boston Bay area.  They all appear to have drowned while attempting to swim further out in the bay.  Though these were no ordinary swimmers, the bodies all were found wearing full clothing and show little signs of normal drowning.  The police believe this to be a Boating accident, there was traces of alcohol in all the bodies.  Let this be a reminder to all of you boating in the bay;  As nice as it may be to go out and have a drink on the high seas,  wear your life jackets.

College Student Found Dead, College Under Scrutiny.

A student was found outside a frat in southern Boston dead last Sunday from alcohol poisoning.  The student was named Perry Duckworth and was a Harvard student.  The frat in question was to Boston University students.  People who saw him last said he was completely and utterly drunk when he left the frat house located near Fenway Park and was visibly stumbling.  "He said he had called  an Uber" says a student and resident at the house.  BPD reminds all college ages students to drink in moderation.

The Boston University is under scrutiny for allowing such actions to happen within its establishments.  This is the fourth alcohol related death in the last three months and the school is now beginning an inquiry into its policies.

Another Mysterious Death in Telegraph Hill, BPD Suspect Homicide.

Another blood related death has occurred in the Telegraph Hill area.  A young woman was found on Tuesday with her blood spilled in her own home with no visible signs of entry or exit.  Police believe this to be the work of a possible serial killer operating in the area and advise all residents to remain vigilant for any suspicious behavior.  "She never had any enemies or ex-lovers.  I just don't know who would want to do this to her" says roommate to the victim.  The roommate had been on vacation at the suspected time of the murder.  "We are doing all that we can to look into these killings,  Forensic teams have been brought in and an expert on Serial murderers has been brought to advise the BPD on this matter."  says police chief Cassell.  The advisor in question was not named.

* attached is a photo of a woman with curly black hair and an average build,  and a photo of an apartment complex with police cars in front of it. *  

Miles Diary2
Entry 2

When playing a cop and being a gang leader in the middle of a gang war was beginning to be a little easier and I start to figure out who I am, more crazy shit happens. I went into the abandon subway with my new "friends." I did it mostly to protect them. They do have Aedan, which he is a mound a muscle, but when it comes down to it hes not that scary. He runs around and punches bums and thinks hes big and bad… He should come hang out on my side of town, where a kid will stab you if he heres change jingle in your pocket. Theres also LULU, who has a huge fucking rifle, walking though the middle of town.  I wonder if she knows how to use it.  And theres Aileen who walks around with a sword.  Who does that?  It does look pretty natural on her. Im guessing she knows how to use it. I don't know what to think of Sofia, who shows up in full swat gear. So far she seems like a spoiled brat. I'm surprised she would want to go into the sewers.  There must be more to her then just her outward appearance.

Anyway, so I went with them to go look into the alligators in the sewers. Which on first thought, I thought to my self, "why are these kids worried about alligators in the sewers? shouldn't they let the trained professionals take care of it." Well I found out I was wrong.  There is so much more to this group of people then I thought.  

When we were traveling through the subway we found several secret doors leading deep into the sewers. When we got very deep into the sewers we ended up running into some bums, my first thought was, "oh great, I bet Aedan is going to go punch one of these bums." But then I noticed that they didn't look right.  At first I tried to explain it away, but one of them had a reptilian arm with claws, and the other one had a sort of reptilian mouth with a huge jaw. I was telling myself these two are just sick and deformed.  But then we ended up running into a ritual that was going on, and two of the men turned into half reptile half man abominations.  I almost peed my pants when i saw them. I almost ran away at that point, but then they brought out there sacrifice.  It was one of the subway workers that went missing. And their priest had a big knife, and i was pretty sure I knew what he was going to do with it.  So I sucked it up and sprinted towards the priest with the knife and tackled him before he could kill the subway worker.  Up to that point I was ignoring everything to get to the priest.  Once I stopped moving and looked around and past out do to all the crazy shit that was going on.  First of all, there was a giant burning skeleton demon floating around, and Im pretty sure it was on our side.  There was also a giant spirit or ghost of some lizard man god that wanted to destroy us.  Oh also at this spirits whim, all its followers withered into raisins. I think he was somehow using there life force. Also I think poor little Horizon was some how mentally battling the spirit.  And I don't know what kind of crazy shit the other people of my party were doing, but they were not fazed at all with any of it. ANY of it.  Does that mean they have seen this shit before?  They brought up a few stories, but I thought they made them all up.

So here I am, stuck between my career, a gang war, and now I find out magic and ghosts and shit are real. I really don't know what to think at this point.  I barely know my name let alone what to do.  

Miles Diary
Entry 1

Who am I? I woke up with a splitting head ache only knowing who I am because I have my drivers license.  Is that person in that picture truly me? He looks like me, but I know absolutely nothing about him. Things I do know, I have a dog; he is a cute lovable creature. I am part of a biker gang: the Ebony Phoenix. I have also found out I was beat up by some rival gang members encroaching on our territory. Oh, I am also the the leader of my little gang now, because I opened my big mouth.  And to top it all off, I am actually a police officer undercover, investigating the Ebony Phoenix.  I don't know what to make of my life, and who I truly am.  How do I know what is truly important to me since I don't know who I am?

On a side note, I met a group of strange people today.  I tried to write them off as just another random group of people you meet on the street. But I kept running into them over and over again.  Some might say what a small world, but Boston is not small.  I don't know if i believe in fate or not, but something keeps pulling me to these people.  I think I should at least hang out with them a bit encase there is some greater power pushing me there way, or maybe they will help me discover something more about myself. Actually, I already discovered something with them: Im evidently a great drinker.

Boston Globe Article 5
News 5

Buffoons Bust a Bank

The front page of the news website is Lala and Aileen's faces form the security feeds within in the bank.  Lala is brandishing a chair as she bashes in the front of a vending machine.  Aileen looks nauseated as she leaves the bathroom

Two armed assailants recently attempted a robbery at the Boston National Bank yesterday.  The pair apparently were on some form of intoxicants and stormed into the bank on Thursday with a sword and rifle.  Luckily nobody was hurt as he bank was evacuated before the pair of would be burglars entered.  The bank's security feeds got clear shots of both of the ladies as they drunkenly stumbled around the bank, pointing and giggling merrily to themselves.  They showed no signs of violence until one of the pair entered the staff room with the munchies and violently attacked a vending machine.  The pair managed to escape custody and are being sought out by the Boston PD.  If you have any information the BPD has a contact line with which you can call.  attached is a phone number 

More Evidence of the Sewer Alligators Found!

Evidence of another attack by alligators in the sewers was discovered yesterday.  A young woman was found partly eaten in the sewers by the State Grill on 45th.  found with her was the broken teeth that appear to be reptilian by Massachusetts DNR representatives.  Two long broken teeth were discovered, though no actual captures of any alligators have happened the evidence is now quite clear that they are down there.

Grisly Murder in Telegraph Hill Neighborhood.

A body was found earlier today of a middle aged man.  He seems to have had all of his blood drained out and spilled across the floor of his home in The Telegraph Hill Neighborhood.  There was no evidence of breaking in and it appears that the assailant has escaped any form of capture.  "we just can't believe this happened here, its so nice in this neighborhood." says Jannette Griswald, next door neighbor to the victim.  "We didn't hadn't seen anything from him in a couple days when Mike came home and saw what appeared to be red rusty puddles on his [the neighbor] doorstep.  When Mike went ot check it out he came rushing over white as a sheet and we called the police."  ***attached is a photo of a young woman with a husky build and her apparant husband mike, who is a scrawny fellow, their daughter, a roughly twelve year old girl with a slight build,is in the background watching on as her mom is interviewed. 


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